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Our extensive in-house knowledge facilitates the development of leading products for the global animal nutrition industry.



  • The use of live yeast as a probiotic in animal feeds has a long history but with recent advances in the understanding around the intestinal microbiome there is a growing understanding of the appropriate usage and mode of action of these products.
  • AB Biotek produces and markets active dry animal feed yeast for our partners operating in the equine, ruminant, swine and poultry sectors. Our expertise in yeast characterisation and production enables us to develop proprietary strains and technologies to provide differentiated yeast-based probiotic solutions for our partners and their customers for animal health and productivity.


  • Inactive Yeast is well known for its prophylactic action, increasing the animal’s resistance to illness and improving performance. Due to its high palatability, Inactive Dried Yeast also stimulates the feed intake. Inactive Yeast is a protein source, with a balanced amino acid profile containing high levels of lysine and threonine and is recognised as the best natural source for B vitamins.


  • AB Biotek has worked extensively in the area of developing organically-bound mineralised yeasts for animal nutrition and yeast based blends. Selenium is a key essential nutrient for animals and as a powerful antioxidant plays a major role in metabolism, supporting immunity, growth and reproductive health. It is scientifically proven that selenium-enriched yeast has a higher bioavailability than inorganic selenium salts - more effectively improving the selenium status of a range of farm animals (including ruminant, poultry and swine).
  • AB Biotek has selected a specific strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and developed a proprietary process that delivers a high quality selenium yeast product. This ensures both standardised dosing and efficient bioavailability and efficacy to boost the selenium status of farm animals.
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